Medicare Analytics and Data Engine (MADE)

The Medicare Analytics and Data Engine (MADE) is a collection of reports for hospital CRS users to evaluate population level trends as well as investigate beneficiary level information using the Medicare Claim and Claim Line Feed (CCLF) data. In addition to the top level reports, many views in MADE include the ability for users to drill through to beneficiary detail, for information on specific beneficiaries included in a given report.

Use cases for MADE include:

  • Researching and identifying where to focus Care Redesign and care coordination programs for maximum impact
  • Using rosters to track specific populations’ utilization over time as well as characterize patterns in their claims history
  • Investigating attributed beneficiaries’ utilization of post-acute care providers, including skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies

The MADE reports are available in four modules:

Module TypeDescription
PopulationBeneficiary and population-level details for your attributions population
EpisodeAcute and post-acute care utilization for 90-day episodes of care following a hospitalization
PharmacyReports categorized by utilization, volume, high-risk medications, top therapeutic categories, and more
MonitoringHigh-level trend reports to track population changes over time.

CCLF Medicare Analytics & Data Engine (MADE) Refresher

This training will cover how and which beneficiaries are available in the reports and workflows across the four reporting modules in MADE. Additionally, the session will include demonstrations on custom roster functionality and the integration of Care Transformation Initiatives (CTIs) rosters. MADE is used for analyses at the population level with the ability to drill through to the beneficiary level.


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