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The EQIP PC, hosted by MedChi, will be meeting monthly through summer. Meetings are recorded and materials are made available on this page. Please reach out to EQIP@crisphealth.org to be added to distribution list.


The State is evaluating expanding EQIP to address primary care availability in underserved areas of the state. Under this proposed EQIP Primary Care Program (“EQIP-PC”) organizations would be able to access additional funding to subsidize efforts to increase access to advanced primary care in currently underserved areas.

Under the proposed program the State would seek a small number of organizations for a multi-year commitment under which the organization would receive start-up infrastructure funding in return for adding advanced primary care capacity in the designated areas. The State anticipates funding would help meet start-up challenges such as provider recruitment as well as provide financial security during program ramp-up. Both existing practices who commit to adding new providers and completely new practices would be considered as well as organizations who might then sponsor an advanced primary care practice (such as a large employer or local government).

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Next Meeting: May 15 11AM

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