CRISP's Services

CRISP’s services provide specific data, have specific functions, and provide various workflows. Together they build a holistic picture of a patient’s health and give providers the means necessary to utilize the data from that picture. Our applications gather data from EMRs, pharmacies, health centers, payors, etc.

CRISP Portal

The Portal is the primary platform utilized by CRISP participants, providing access to all HIE services:

CRISP Reporting Services (CRS)

CRISP Reporting Services (CRS) provides secure access to Maryland health care data and related analytics tools to assist health care organizations in improving patient care throughout the state.

CRS uses multiple data sources to offer a unique perspective on readmission rates, potentially avoidable utilization, and other critical measures. CRS products are approved by the Reporting and Analytics Committee, a subcommittee of the CRISP Board, and adhere to best practices in privacy and security.

HIE InContext App

The HIE InContext platform gives providers the ability to access critical health information and alerts about patients within their EMR workflow (such as prescription data, lab results, radiology reports, etc) without ever having to login into the CRISP Portal. The platform provides access to two major applications: CRISP Health Records and PDMP.

HIE Admin Tool

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) Admin Tool allows HIE Administrators to manage their colleagues’ HIE accounts. User account creation, HIE user verification, access to specific HIE Services, and employee turnover can all be handled via the tool. The HIE Admin Tool is embedded within the CRISP Portal.