CEND & Population Explorer

A significant upgrade in our ability to deliver timely and accurate encounter notifications to our users


We’re excited to announce an upcoming transition that will enhance your experience with CRISP. By the end of August 2024 all organizations will move from the Encounter Notification System (ENS) to the CRISP Event Notification Delivery (CEND) solution. This shift represents a significant upgrade in our ability to deliver timely and accurate encounter notifications to our users. Additionally, we created a notification viewing application called Population Explorer to replace ENS PROMPT.



What is CEND?

The CRISP Event Notification Delivery (CEND) solution replaces the Encounter Notification System (ENS) for CRISP users. It still offers real-time alerts for patients’ hospital encounters, but now seamlessly integrates into the CRISP Portal through Population Explorer. Operated internally, CEND ensures timely troubleshooting and ongoing enhancements, enhancing our ability to deliver accurate notifications.

What is Population Explorer?

Population Explorer offers a user-friendly interface for clinicians and care teams to review patients’ encounters, providing access to the latest encounters and six-month encounter history. Population Explorer replaces ENS PROMPT and is integrated directly in the CRISP Portal Homepage.

Transition Details

CRISP is migrating users to CEND and Population Explorer in waves from May to August 30th. Your organization will receive communication and webinar invites two weeks before your transition date.

How do I receive access to CEND and Population Explorer?

On your transition date, no action is needed. Your current notification preferences and panels will transfer automatically. If you had access to PROMPT or received messages via Doc Halo or CRISP Direct, Population Explorer will be added to your CRISP Portal account. If you don’t have a CRISP Portal account, one will be provided. For CRISP Portal setup instructions, refer to the CRISP Portal User Guide on our website.

What can I do to prepare for the transition?

  • Note down any filters you currently use in PROMPT, as you’ll need to recreate them in the new system.
  • Attend a webinar to familiarize yourself with the new user interface or review our CEND & Population Explorer User Guide & Website Page.
  • Ensure that both staff and managers who currently use ENS PROMPT are trained on Population Explorer before the transition.
  • If your organization uses DIRECT or Halo for receiving ENS notifications, it’s crucial to rethink your workflows, as the push capabilities of these systems will no longer be available in CEND.

In this video, you'll gain insights into CEND and Population Explorer. Discover the distinctions between these systems and applications compared to the ENS product. Explore the steps for a smooth transition to CEND and Population Explorer. Plus, watch a demo of the Population Explorer tool. Please be aware that this video was tailored for organizations transitioning to CEND on 5/13. Your organization might have a different go-live date.


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