Care Transformation Initiative (CTI) and Care Transformation Profiler (CTP)

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Performance Year 2 Overlaps Update

CTI Performance Year 2 baseline data reflects the HSCRC’s default hierarchy for all intra-hospital overlaps, prioritizing the smallest to largest CTI regardless of thematic area. If participants would like to customize their hierarchy let us know by Friday, July 8th email to:

Care Transformation Initiatives (CTIs) are initiatives undertaken by a hospital, group of hospitals, or a collaborative partnering with a hospital to reduce the total cost of care of a defined population. Under the CTI program, hospitals choose the eligible Medicare population targeted by the CTI intervention; define how to restrict the population to those most likely to be impacted or enrolled in the intervention; and choose the intervention duration.

CRISP operates the Care Transformation Profiler (CTP), to enable hospitals to view all CTIs statewide, and to monitor their own CTI progress.


Contact or for questions on CTIs.

Source and Additional Information: HSCRC

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