HSCRC Regulatory Reports


The Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) runs several quality-based measurement and payment initiatives. These initiatives are important policy tools for providing strong incentives for hospitals to improve their quality performance over time. These initiatives hold a portion of hospital revenue at-risk directly related to specified performance benchmarks.

The HSCRC currently runs a series of quality initiatives to ensure that hospitals improve quality in line with targets set in the Maryland All-Payer Model agreement with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), which runs from 20​14-2018. Quality programs provide financial incentives for hospitals to improve or maintain high quality performance on selected quality of care measures. Quality measures are typically classified into three categories: structural (such as patient to provider ratios or use of electronic health records), process (such as percentage of patients receiving preventive services), and outcome (for example, rate of complications). Where possible, the HSCRC works to employ the use of outcome measures. To learn more about the HSCRC Quality programs visit the HSCRC website, register to watch the a full webinar recording, or view this webinar slide deck.

The HSCRC  and CRISP produce monthly or quarterly regulatory reports to monitor hospitals based on the HSCRC quality programs. To learn more about these reports click one of the links from Available HSCRC Regulatory Reports below.


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