CDS-A Drug Utilization Report

Reports built for users to understand high cost drug utilization


The HSCRC earmarks a portion of the annual Update Factor to fund costs attributable to the increasing use of high-cost physician-administered outpatient oncology drugs (i.e., infusion, chemotherapy, and biological drugs). To prospectively allocate the earmarked funds to the appropriate hospitals, the HSCRC collects costed volume data for the specific drugs that make up most of the outpatient oncology drugs.

The HSCRC has published the CDS-A Drug Utilization Outlier Report that allows hospitals to review the utilization of the drugs included in the CDS-A Drug List and identify unit outliers for these drugs. These reports will be refreshed after every Monthly Case Mix submission that contains data for a whole quarter and after every Quarterly Case Mix submission. An additional report, CDS-A Drug Utilization Outlier Detail Report, displays the visit level information of the visits with units identified as outliers. This report assists hospitals in identifying and fixing potential issues.

More information about how utilization and cost of CDS-A drugs are factored into the HSCRC’s GBR can be found on the HSCRC website.

CDS-A Report Webinar


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