Episode Quality Improvement Program (EQIP)

PY3 Enrollment

PY3 Enrollment is Now Closed!

EQIP Enrollment closed Friday, September 1st. PY4 (CY2025) will re-open in July 2024.

The Episode Quality Improvement Program (EQIP) is a voluntary program that will provide incentive payments to physicians who improve the quality of care and reduce the cost of care that they provide to Maryland Medicare patients. EQIP tests an approach that ties healthcare payments to the quality and cost of services provided under a clinical ‘episode’ for a set period. This includes relevant set of services delivered to a related to a medical condition, procedure or health care event during a defined time period.
Source and Additional Information: HSCRC and Medchi

EQIP Meetings:

The EQIP Subgroup meets on the third Friday of every other month.  Prior meeting recordings and materials can be found HERE. Please reach out to EQIP@crisphealth.org to be added to distribution list.

EQIP Policy Resources and Documentation

EQIP Introduction Policy Guide – this document will cover the overarching goals of the program, the program structure and key policy components critical for participation

EQIP Specification and Methodology – this document is a comprehensive reference on the methodology and implementation of the program

EQIP Technical Review – this document is intended to allow a user to walkthrough the construction of a EQIP episode from base claims to reconciliation.

EQIP Enrollment Timeline

EQIP Enrollment for PY3 is closed.  PY4 Enrollment will open July 2024

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