Episode Quality Improvement Program (EQIP)

The Episode Quality Improvement Program (EQIP) is a voluntary program that will provide incentive payments to physicians who improve the quality of care and reduce the cost of care that they provide to Maryland Medicare patients. EQIP tests an approach that ties healthcare payments to the quality and cost of services provided under a clinical ‘episode’ for a set period. This includes relevant set of services delivered to a related to a medical condition, procedure or health care event during a defined time period.

CRISP operates the EQIP Entity Portal (EEP), to support participation with: Enrollment and opportunity analysis, CMS vetting, CRP Entity Contracting, and Baseline and Performance analytics

Source and Additional Information: HSCRC and Medchi

Did you know?

EQIP PY2 Enrollment is Now Open!

All Care Partners must be entered into EEP prior to September 2nd for participation in 2023.

EQIP PY2 Enrollment Tutorial

PY2 Enrollment - FAQs

Please email EQIP@crisphealth.org

The CRISP team will provided you access to the EEP application to begin your entity’s EQIP enrollment. You will receive an email from ‘CRISP LogOnce Support’ with an activation link to finish setting up your password. You will be required to set up a two factor authentication to access the portal.

The Lead Care Partner is the individual provider responsible for starting the EQIP Enrollment Process for an individual or multiple care partner EQIP entity enrollment. They must enter their contact information, enrollment type (individual or multiple care partner(s)), EQIP entity name, and administrative proxy contact information at a minimum within EEP. After this is complete, the lead care partner can opt have their administrative proxy complete and manage ongoing participation within the EEP. The lead Care Partner will only have to log into EEP this one time, if they elect an administrative proxy and choose to not manage EQIP participation for the EQIP Entity.

The Lead Care Partner must complete the entire EQIP enrollment process for the entity if they choose not to use an administrative proxy.

Entities that would like to make changes to their enrollment for PY2 (edit Care Partner List, edit Episode or Intervention Selection, change Payment Remission Recipient), can log into EEP and select “Start Enrollment Process”.  All information from PY1 will be pre-populated in the portal.  Admin proxies or LCP can edit sections as needed.

The enrollment period runs 7/5/2022 – 9/2/2022.  Anytime during the enrollment time period Entities can select and edit their episodes and interventions.   Enrollment will automatically be closed on Friday, September 2nd and preliminary episode selection will locked in.  The HSCRC will work with entities individually if eligibility criteria is not met and selections must be changed.

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