Board of Directors

Advisory Committees

At CRISP’s inception, an HIE Policy Board was convened by the MHCC. The board has oversight authority for establishing the policies that govern the statewide HIE. For more information on CRISP Policies, click here. Additionally, CRISP, in coordination with the MHCC, has developed a governance model that includes a Board of Advisors to provide guidance and input to the CRISP Board of Directors on certain key decisions during the development and operations of the HIE. The Board of Advisors is intended to be broad-based to ensure that a breadth of interested organizations can participate and represent their constituencies. There are currently over 30 organizations represented.

The Board of Advisors is organized into the four committees below.

Clinical Advisory Committee – Jonathan Thierman, MD, PhD, Chair

The Clinical Committee reviews and provides guidance surrounding CRISP’s plan for exchange service implementations. This includes providing a clinical perspective on CRISP activities and helping to prioritize HIE service deployments. The committee also assists in gathering information and perspectives from the broader stakeholder community pertaining to HIE services. It also assists in garnering support and use of HIE services, and assists in assessing the value associated with various CRISP service offerings in terms of clinical relevance and service value in various care settings.

Finance Advisory Committee – Kristen Pulio, Chair

The Committee reviews and provides guidance on CRISP revenue and pricing models, financial statements and metrics, and annual budgets. The Committee’s work includes refining and modifying assumptions associated with the CRISP revenue model, evaluating how federal funding requirements impact existing revenue planning, evaluating how funding opportunities tie into CRISP financing, and assessing specific HIE services with regards to financial sustainability.

Privacy & Security Advisory Committee – Chris Panagiotopoulos, Chair

The Committee provides guidance on privacy and security issues related to clinical data managed through CRISP and works regularly with the Privacy & Security Officer (PSO) who is responsible for all such matters as they pertain to CRISP’s daily operation. Additionally, the Committee serves as a resource for best practices and recommended policies for HIPAA data security, data use, and data sharing, and provides continual guidance on internal and external HIPAA audits as well as any HIPAA security-related incidents that may occur within CRISP.

Reporting & Analytics Advisory Committee – Erin Erin Giovanetti, Chair

The Committee develops, guides, and prioritizes reporting and analytics services designed to support statewide efforts of improving care and reducing costs under the Total Cost of Care Initiative. Additional Committee responsibilities include assessing the value and relevance of reports for a wide array of users, providing guidance on data tools for report dissemination, such as user guides and other information to enhance understanding of the analysis, and to provide direction and vision in short, mid, and long-term planning of services. The Committee also provides guidance on the suite of CRISP reports developed to support hospital and ambulatory reporting requirements as well as a variety of statewide public health initiatives.