What is a Panel?

Panel Q & A


Find out everything about 'Panels' in the Q & A section of page below. Also check out these videos on what is and how to format a panel.

Panel Formatting Webinar

Panel FAQs

A panel is an excel spreadsheet pulled from an offices EMR that includes patients from the past 18 months. This is what CRISP considers an “active” patient.

A panel is a list of patients with which your organization has a treatment relationship. A panel establishes a patient relationship between CRISP and your organization.

A panel serves multiple purposes. First, it establishes a patient relationship between CRISP and your organization. This gives CRISP an idea of what patients you are going to query. You can always search patients outside of your panel with a legitimate reason (ie care coordination, new patients etc) but you will get an “attestation” warning that the patient is not on your panel.

A panel is also how ENS notifications are established. We pull notifications for patients on your panel.

All panels must include Patient ID, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, DOB and Gender. The panel will not load without these fields.

You can upload a Patient Panel to CRISP through the Panel Processor application. Speak with your organization’s HIE Admin to gain access to this application or contact your CRISP outreach representative for more information about the tool.

If your organization has never submitted a panel to CRISP. Please fill out the following Panel Checklist and submit to your CRISP outreach representative to start the process.

Yes, attached here is the excel template CRISP asks users to submit their patient panel in. Note this template will download in an excel file format (xlsx) but needs to be uploaded to the Panel Processor as a CSV (.csv) file type.

Yes, all panels do expire. Typically they expire after 2 years but for some programs (ie MDPCP) they expire after 90 days. Please check with your Outreach Representative to establish your panel expiration date.

When a panel expires you will lose access to clinical records. You will still have access to PDMP.

Ultimately, this decision is up to you. We recommend to upload a new panel quarterly or every 90 days. But if you are a new practice and getting new patients frequently you can upload it sooner. Or, if you want you can upload it every 2 years.


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