Multi-Payer Reporting Suite

View Population Health Metrics Agnostic to Payer

The Multi-payer Reporting Suite includes 8 top-level, Tableau-based reports populated using both Medicare and Medicaid claims data. The goal of the reporting suite is to allow users to view population-health metrics and access care management tools across their entire patient populations, agnostic to payer. The reporting suite provides population-level aggregate views, as well as beneficiary and claim-level details. A Population Navigator allows users to custom curate their own patient lists, within their CRISP patient panels to investigate sub-populations more easily.


Population within the Report

The Multi-Payer Reporting Suite displays patients on an organization’s panel that are enrolled in Medicare FFS, Medicaid FFS, or Medicaid Managed Care.

  • Patients not enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid will not appear in the suite.
  • Patients not on the organization’s panel will not appear in the suite.

Data within the Report

The suite only shows data for patients on an organization’s panel with the following coverage:

  • Maryland Medicare fee-for-service
  • Maryland Medicaid fee-for-service
  • Maryland Medicaid Managed Care

Administrative claims data includes all care settings and services covered under Medicare and Medicaid. Data displayed are for the last 36 months, with a two-month data lag. There is an additional 3-month lag for claim completeness (i.e., incomplete data are shown with a claim lag indicator)


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