Case Mix Program Loader


The Case Mix Program Loader, located in the All-Payer Population report section, allows users to create programs in one central place. Users can view uploaded programs in both Pre/Post and PaTH reports.

Steps to Load a Program

Creating a Program or Panel for PaTH or Pre/Post

  1. Download the Template and keep a copy of the blank template for future panel creation. The template includes three columns: MRN, Source Code and Program Enrollment.
    1. MRN – hospital MRN or ENS Panel MRN
    2. Source Code – select your source code from Table 1. If you do not see your organization in the Source Code
      table, please contact and request creation of a source code.
    3. Program Enrollment Date – the date the patient started the program (used by Pre/Post but not used by PaTH).
  2. The patient MRN and Panel Source is based on the ENS Panel. The ENS Panel submitted by the provider is required to have either a hospital MRN or a practice specific MRN in order to provide each patient with a unique identifier.

Loading a Panel for PaTH or Pre/Post

  1. Enter a Program Name. Since PaTH Summary Report panels will be displayed in the drop-down list
    alphabetically by name, it is helpful to use a standard naming convention that includes the name of the program
    and the start and end dates of the panel contents.
  2. Select the Source MRN Type – Hospital MRN or ENS Panel MRN
  3. Hospital – select the hospital or organization
  4. Upload File – use browse to search for and find your file, select the file so that the name displays in the ‘Upload
    File’ box.
  5. Check the attestation box.
  6. Select ‘Save’ which will upload the panel for use in the PaTH or Pre/Post reports.


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