Patient Total Hospitalization (PaTH) Report

Patient Total Hospitalization (PaTH) Report


The Patient Total Hospitalization Report (PaTH) was developed to provide hospital and ambulatory users a report to view cross hospital charge data for patients in the last 36 months. PaTH provides an overview of hospital utilization and charges. Users can also drilldown to a specific patient population with the patient condition, demographic, and hospital utilization filters. Users can generate patient lists using the report’s filter to view hospital charges with an option to export the data. Users can additionally create programs based on their ENS Panels in PaTH or Case Mix Program Loader, and users will be able to view the programs in PaTH and Pre/Post.

Use Cases

  1. Study your overall population by geographic locations and/or chronic conditions, by age group.
  2. Load a panel of patients who have received support from hospital and/or community programs (or
    combined programs):
    a. To study how their costs and utilization compare to the overall population in # 1.
    b. To study the population of patients who have received a program or service(s)
  3. Load a panel that represents patients who were referred to a program or service, and compare it to
    those who actually participated in the service (# 2 above).
  4. Use the PaTH export to further study and analyze patients in any of the above panels.
  5. Remember that panels loaded in PaTH can also be loaded/used in the Pre/Post Report which also has
    powerful data to show utilization, costs and types of visits before and after a program/service was
    provided. Pre/Post also has different data in the export, including whether the visits were pre or post
    enrollment date, PAU, PQI, Readmission Index Visit, Readmission Visit start date and various visit-level

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