ENS PROMPT is a secure, web-based tool to help your organization better manage your notifications.

PROMPT® (Proactive Management of Patient Transitions) was developed by Audacious Inquiry (Ai) to provide a simple interface for subscribers to access notifications and other information from the Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®). CRISP licenses ENS from Ai for use by CRISP users. Ai owns all rights associated with ENS® and PROMPT®.

ENS® is a service which enables subscribers to receive real time alerts when patients on their panel have a hospital encounter.


User Guide

Click to view the updated ENS PROMPT User Guide


  • Encounter alerts stream continuously in real-time
  • Advanced, custom filter options, with the ability to save custom filters for easy reuse
  • Download alert data in spreadsheet format
  • View data spanning the past 30 days
  • Search patients by name or MRN
  • Manage notifications by status – use ENS PROMPT’s real-time tracking feature to mark patients ‘Complete’ and streamline workflow
  • View patients’ readmission count
  • View patient’s across multiple patient panels


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