SIHIS Directional Indicators Dashboard

SIHIS Directional Indicators Dashboard Training

The CRS team will host a few training webinars on the SIHIS Directional Indicators Dashboard in September. Specific times and dates will be announced in a week or two.

The Statewide Integrated Health Improvement Strategy (SIHIS) Directional Indicator reports include either proxy or actual measures for all of the SIHIS goals. The SIHIS reporting suite has separate modules for each domain: Hospital Quality; Care Transformation across the System; and Population Health.

Many of the data sources used for official SIHIS monitoring are calculated annually on delayed data sources. Therefore, when needed, CRISP and hMetrix partnered together with HSCRC and MDH to develop a series of reports using proxy measures and available data sources. As such, this reporting suite is referred to as “directional indicators” for the SIHIS measures.

More information about the Statewide Integrated Health Improvement Strategy (SIHIS) can found on the HSCRC Website.

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