ENS Prompt Webinars

The CRISP team will hold identical webinars to demonstrate the alerts & reporting capabilities in ENS PROMPT. Each webinar is an hour in length. We encourage your organization to attend this webinar for a brief overview and training on these features. Please click on the date below to register for the session that best fits […]

CRISP Proposes Changes to the Policies and Procedures

To date, the CRISP Policies and Procedures have been updated based on the evolution of the company. As a result, we have heard feedback that the document could be easier to understand. We have undertaken a comprehensive restructuring to make the document more cohesive and understandable for our Participants. Because of the significant restructuring, we […]

CRISP Annual Summit 2023

The CRISP annual summit will be held virtually on Tuesday, June 6th, 2023! We are excited to allow attendees to partake in live interactive programming from the comfort of your home or office. We will provide information-filled sessions and presentations from your peers throughout the industry while offering additional opportunities for collaboration. A finalized agenda […]

SIHIS Directional Indicators Dashboard Total Cost of Care (TCOC) Goal Module

The SIHIS Directional Indicators Dashboard was updated to include a module for the Total Cost of Care (TCOC) goal. This module aims to help stakeholders track monthly progress towards enrolling Medicare beneficiaries in a Care Transformation Program and increasing the TCOC under a Care Transformation Program. Some Care Redesign programs allow for panel-based episodes that […]

Access Social Needs Data via CRISP InContext Application

Navigate to a patient record within your Electronic Medical Record (EHR), click on the CRISP icon to automatically launch into the CRISP InContext Application with the selected patient. Step 1: Select the Social Needs Data tab from the menu on the left side Step 2: Select ‘Assessments’ subtab to view SDOH assessments. Answers in the […]

Quality Financial Impact Dashboard Print Feature

The Quality Financial Impact Dashboard has a new print/PDF functionality. Users can use the “Print Summary” option to print the report to ‘pdf’ for multiple hospitals. Users can select a single or all the report modules to print. The “Print Detail” option allows users to print a single detailed module or all the modules for […]