SIHIS Directional Indicators Dashboard Total Cost of Care (TCOC) Goal Module

The SIHIS Directional Indicators Dashboard was updated to include a module for the Total Cost of Care (TCOC) goal. This module aims to help stakeholders track monthly progress towards enrolling Medicare beneficiaries in a Care Transformation Program and increasing the TCOC under a Care Transformation Program. Some Care Redesign programs allow for panel-based episodes that […]

Access Social Needs Data via CRISP InContext Application

Navigate to a patient record within your Electronic Medical Record (EHR), click on the CRISP icon to automatically launch into the CRISP InContext Application with the selected patient. Step 1: Select the Social Needs Data tab from the menu on the left side Step 2: Select ‘Assessments’ subtab to view SDOH assessments. Answers in the […]

Quality Financial Impact Dashboard Print Feature

The Quality Financial Impact Dashboard has a new print/PDF functionality. Users can use the “Print Summary” option to print the report to ‘pdf’ for multiple hospitals. Users can select a single or all the report modules to print. The “Print Detail” option allows users to print a single detailed module or all the modules for […]