Quality Financial Impact Dashboard Print Feature

The Quality Financial Impact Dashboard has a new print/PDF functionality. Users can use the “Print Summary” option to print the report to ‘pdf’ for multiple hospitals. Users can select a single or all the report modules to print. The “Print Detail” option allows users to print a single detailed module or all the modules for a single hospital. To print the report to PDF:

    1. Select either “Print Summary” or the summary page or “Print Detail” on the detail page.
    2. Review the modules and/or change the comparison year in the popup window
    3. Select ‘PDF’ at the top right of the popup window
    4. In the “Include” section change “This View” to “Specific Sheets from this workbook”
    5. Select which module(s) you would like or click “Select All” to include all modules.
    6. Click “Download” to download the generated PDF and either share the PDF or Print the PDF

*Note* For optimal printing and PDF download, please use a larger computer monitor if possible