CRISP Proposes Amendments to the Payer Participation Agreement

The circumstances, laws, and policies which pertain to health information exchange are changing significantly. Our current Participation Agreement with payers does not fully reflect those changes. CRISP is proposing to materially revise several areas of the Payor Participation Agreement, to better align it with the agreement used with other participants and to incorporate necessary changes […]

Request For Information: Hospital eCQM Data Collection

Click here to read CRISP’s Responses to Vendor Questions CRISP is seeking to understand the landscape of data vendors that can collect hospital Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) from all Maryland hospitals on a quarterly basis starting in CY2022.Potential vendors will have the ability to accept manually input data, approve data from multiple hospital EHR […]

OnDemand Document/National Network Initiating Query FAQ

General FAQ Q: Would CRISP like two separate, 10-page proposals for the National Network Query Initiator RFP and OnDemand Document RFP? Or would CRISP like one 10-page proposal that addresses both RFPs? A: One document per RFP.   Q: What is/are the API(s) that CRISP has for your consent module?  A: CRISP will provide an API […]

National Networks Initiating Gateway

CRISP is seeking to procure a National Network Query Initiator solution for the purpose of initiating and retrieving documents using standard ITI conventions. CRISP has strong preference for a solution which fits within our existing Azure framework. An alternate hosted solution will also be considered with explanation of the technology used and pricing requirements. The solution will have the ability […]

OnDemand Document Query

CRISP is seeking to procure a National Network OnDemand Document Solution.  The main purpose of this solution is to create OnDemand Documents which conform to the C-CDA R2.1 – HL7 CDA R2 Implementation Guide and can successfully pass eHealth Exchange Content testing requirements. Connections would be easily made to a variety of downstream systems to […]