CRISP RFP: Total Cost of Care Monitoring Tool

To support hospitals and primary care providers in improving quality and reducing cost under the Model,  CRISP has identified a need for an additional tool that allows hospitals and their providers to understand and benchmark their costs of care against relevant State and National standards to pursue targeted cost management strategies.

CRISP is seeking a vendor to allow hospitals and the State to accomplish the following three goals using a CCLF data feed:
1. Understand the cost of care by major spending categories for an attributed population, including per capita and per unit costs, both for a single period, and over time.
2. Compare that spending to relevant National and State benchmarks in order to understand areas of opportunity for more effective care management.
3. Digest identified areas of opportunity into actionable analytics that could be used to pursue a cost management strategy and achieve sustainable change.



RFP key dates are as follows:

  • RFP Issue Date: October 16, 2023
  • Proposals Due: November 21, 2023

All Proposals should be submitted electronically to Kate Talbert at

Jessica Heslop