National Networks Initiating Gateway

CRISP is seeking to procure a National Network Query Initiator solution for the purpose of initiating and retrieving documents using standard ITI conventions. CRISP has strong preference for a solution which fits within our existing Azure framework. An alternate hosted solution will also be considered with explanation of the technology used and pricing requirements. The solution will have the ability to search in the Carequality network, eHealth Exchange network, and each other. The solution should have the ability to initiate queries by patient demographics and by source and to test (ITI) calls within the service. For this RFP, we are looking for a solution that provides both user interface to manage and implement new networks. It should also have standard logging capabilities (timestamp, requestor, patient, documents returned, success/fail) and be able to interact with CRISP’s accounting of disclosures service. Any solution introduced into the CRISP environment must conform to CRISP security policies, performance standards, and code review.

RFP Released 24 February 2021 RFP will be posted on CRISP’s public website.
Clarifications / Q & A 26 February 2021 Last day for vendor to submit questions
Vendor Responses Due 8 March 2021 Last day to respond to the RFP.
Vendor selection & contracting 19 March 2021 CRISP will review vendor responses.
Contract Execution 26 March 2021

The due date for submissions is March 8th, 2021. Please submit questions and responses to Please keep responses under 15 pages, ideally under 10 pages. For submissions, please also include transparent pricing for delivery of the solution as outlined below.

RFP Requirement Template


Task Timeframe Proposed Major Deliverables 
Detailed technical SOW and implementation plan 5 April 2021Vendor must be able to support the project immediately upon selection and will work with stakeholders to finalize requirements and begin project kick-off.
Development Start 7 April 2021Necessary development or configuration, load testing, user testing, performance testing, demonstration of testing to CRISP
Implementation30 June 2021CRISP will perform a code review using standard security practices and deploy within CRISP Dev and Test environments. Vendor will help CRISP IT team understand how to deploy in Production and will be available to assist with the deployment.
System Training and handoff to CRISP IT Team 16 July 2021Vendor will be expected to make available some documentation and training so that support can be provided inhouse at CRISP going forward.
Inform updates on the requirements/standards 23 July 2021Vendor will be expected to make necessary updates/standards as per Sequoia.



National Network Initiating Gateway FAQ

Q: What are the key business problems CRISP is trying to solve with this RFP?

A: Gaining the ability to identify and interact with gateways available through National Networks. The solution should be easy and cost effective to maintain and deploy.


Q: Would CRISP prefer being a certified implementer with the national networks themselves by developing that functionality and owning it inhouse or would on-ramping through an already established implementer be an option?

A: We are open to solutions.


Q: What is/are the API(s) that CRISP has for your consent module? 

A: CRISP will provide an API to check patient consent. 


Q: Is a service that fulfills the needs/requirements of both the On-Demand Document RFP and the National Network Query Initiator RFP as a single solution of interest to CRISP?

A: No, we are looking for one solution per RFP. We will consider other solutions.


Q: What types of support would be expected as part of the proposed solution to acquire any National Network certification(s)?

A: We expect support on all aspects of the proposed solution.


Q: What is/are the API(s) that CRISP has for your consent module?

A: CRISP will provide an API to check patient consent.


Q: How many expected requests would be submitted to the various national networks? 

A: The solution should be able to scale up or down depending on the need. There is no set number of requests. 


Q: Is the driver of the initiating gateway to get ambulatory CCDAs from Carequality EHRs, or also from other eHealth Exchange?

A: Primary objective is to exchange all supported types of CDA documents from and between Carequality and eHealth Exchange networks.


Q: Is CRISP intending to only return documents to the CRISP CDR? How else is CRISP expecting to expose CCDAs to users?

A: We are expecting to return the CDA document to the system initiating the request. This solution will allow CRISP to query out to National Networks and provide the document available.


Q: Is CRISP expecting to parse incoming documents into FHIR resources, or otherwise parse data into the CDR?

A: No, at this point we are looking for the ability to query the National Networks and return a document to the query initiating system.


Q: For both initiating and responding transactions, what is the anticipated volume of Patient Discovery Queries per state?

A: This solution should be scalable and adjust to fluctuations in volume.


Q: The instructions in the spreadsheets reference an Attachment “A” and have different dates for questions submissions. Can you verify the correct instructions and that we have everything necessary?

A: Each initiative as two related documents: one word document with an overview and dates, and one excel workbook.  Each excel workbook has two tabs: “Requirements“ and “Requirements as. Use Case”.  Please complete the both tabs.  Questions are due by Friday, Feb 26th and Proposals are due Monday, March 8th.


Q: For Requirements as Use cases – Item #14 – EHR SSO/SAML Integration for a User Interface that would support IHE based queries: Do you assume that the EHR is going to be able to pass patient context, so that the Query Initiator User Interface is simply supporting the “make a query” and “return the documents” results back?  Or – are you expecting a UI that would allow for patient demographic entry BEFORE making a query. (no patient context shared).

A: We would expect the patient demographics sent to the solution without the need to integrate with an MPI.



General FAQ

Q: Would CRISP like two separate, 10-page proposals for the National Network Query Initiator RFP and OnDemand Document RFP? Or would CRISP like one 10-page proposal that addresses both RFPs?

A: One document per RFP.


Q: Does CRISP intend to list each provider within their network onto Carequality? Or is CRISP looking to have one global listing to Carequality? If the former, how many provider organizations is CRISP looking to list on Carequality?

A: CRISP Shared Services represents multiple HIEs as stakeholders. CRISP is looking be able to Initiate Queries from any system to Carequality, eHealth exchange network, and each other. CRISP will list organizations in the Carequality directory depending on the Implementation needs.


Q: What is your current approach and/or solution for searching Carequality and eHealth Exchange? What is it lacking that’s driving this RFP?

A: We are looking for a new fully integrated solution that can initiate queries out to the Carequality and eHealth Exchange networks. We are looking for solutions that can identify and initiate patient search based on various criteria like zip code, radius of search, state etc.


Q: Are you looking for a pre-existing solution (software package or SaaS solution) or do you think this is a custom-build?

A: We will consider all types of solutions.


Q: Do you already have part of the solution, for in place initiating requests, and if so, will this RFP extend that solution?

A: This will be the only solution for Initiating queries.


Q:  Are you looking for the vendor to evaluate existing packages and make a buy vs. build recommendation?

A: We will consider evaluations on buy vs. build. We will decide based on the functionality offered by each solution.


Q: Will the vendor need to touch live PII data or can you provide anonymized data?

A: For testing and Implementation, a validation environment will be used that will contain non-PII data. The vendor will have to be open to provide support during Implementation of the solution in a live environment that will contain PII data.


Q: What is your expectation for the vendor providing operate and maintain (O&M) support after it is deployed?

A: We expect a handoff of the solution to happen once we have it live and deployed. Depending on the solution (SaaS, vendor built and coded), we will need operate and maintain support as required to be operational.


Q: Is it acceptable for the vendor to provide the technical expertise (software, data, cloud, security) to partner with your SMEs in HIE / HL7 standards?

 A:  Yes.


Q: What is driving the timelines to be complete by 7/23?

A: Multiple engagements from various States.


Q: Is there a scoring rubric that will be used?

A: Yes.


Q: Do responders need to respond to both RFPs?

A: No.


Q: Will responses/answers to questions be shared publicly?

A: Yes.

Craig Behm