InContext/Clinical Information Service Webinar

Watch CRISP Staff host a training on our InContext/Clinical Information Service Application. The InContext application provides real-time data from the CRISP HIE within the context of a healthcare provider’s workflow by integrating directly in their electronic health record (EHR) system. This application provides users with access to their patient’s care alerts, PDMP data, clinical data, and even public health alerts. The CRISP InContext app preloads for the current patient searched within your EMR and does not require additional login or navigation to a new page or environment. CRISP has relationships with hospitals, ambulatory practices, state data repositories, and national networks. Through the InContext app, CRISP is able to securely share patient data across institutional boundaries and provide users with access to real-time clinical information from all CRISP participants. The embedded app can be a very effective tool when a user is in need of additional clinical information not found within their native EMR. Some users, a physician for example, can reference the PDMP and overdose services to identify whether or not a patient has been prescribed other opioids or has a history of overdose. The CRISP InContext combines data and views in Features that are useful and valuable to clinical users. In this video, our team will show users how to navigate the application to find valuable patient information.