Finalized CRISP Participation Agreement

On March 11, 2021, CRISP posted and sent to participants an updated and revised participation agreement for comment. CRISP would like to thank participants who submitted comments prior to the April 30, 2021 deadline. CRISP exists to advance health and wellness with health IT solutions adopted through cooperation and collaboration. We are very eager to maintain the spirit of cooperation and collaboration in everything we do therefore we appreciated all comments on the proposed amendments. In coordination with the CRISP Executive Committee, comments were reviewed and additional changes to the agreement were made in response. Revisions in response to comments include:

  • Additional protections and clarification regarding External HIEs, including requiring these HIEs to adhere to specific security requirements and honoring CRISP individual opt-outs
  • Maintaining that the addition or removal of a permitted purpose is a material amendment to Policies and Procedures, as well as maintaining the comment period for participants on these and other material amendments to the participation agreement
  • Clarification that notice will continue to be provided to participants for any material amendments
  • Addition of new requirement, allowing participants to object in writing to any material amendment; if more than 25% of participants object, the amendment will not take effect
  • Section reference corrections and revisions of some definitions for accuracy

Posted here is the final version of the Participation Agreement, which will take effect July 25, 2021, 30 days from the posting date. After July 25, 2021, the Agreement posted here will replace the current Agreement. For your convenience, additionally posted is a redline version of the Agreement with new changes highlighted. Please contact Adrienne Ellis at with any questions.

CRISP Updated PA 6.2021 FINAL

CRISP Updated PA 6.2021 Redline