CRISP Salesforce Strategic Consultant RFP

CRISP Salesforce Strategic Consultant RFP
CRISP Salesforce Strategic Consultant Q&A
Salesforce Strategic Consultant High-Level Overview

CRISP is seeking a vendor to evaluate our usage of SFDC and advise high-level strategic initiatives for improvement. The vendor will work with CRISP employees to understand current usage of the system, as well as a team of SFDC developers to implement any proposed changes. We anticipate this role is filled by a single resource, but are also open to a team of advisers if the case is made.

This RFP is intended to evaluate the abilities of the selected vendor for potential future work. The scope of the engagement will be to enable CRISP to better understand our products, from when a customer first expresses interest in the product to when all new accounts have been established. CRISP lacks visibility into our customers’ interests in our products; this prevents us from effectively managing our Outreach team to focus on those most important or in-need-of-attention products.

CRISP will hold a bidder’s conference on March 14, 2017 at 1pm ET.

In addition, CRISP will routinely answer and post to our website questions and answers related to this procurement. It is assumed that all Q&A will be finalized by March 23, 2017. Please email questions and requests for clarification to: Seth Sacher Seth.Sacher@

Please review the RFP document linked at the top of this page and submit responses by March 23th, 2017 no later than 5 pm (EST) to Seth Sacher at Seth.Sacher@ Vendors should submit the proposal as a single file containing all response and supporting materials.