CRISP Salesforce Development Services RFP

CRISP Salesforce Development Services RFP
Frequently Asked Questions

CRISP leverages the Salesforce (SFDC) platform to manage many different aspects of its business. The Sales (aka Outreach) team uses SFDC as a traditional selling tool, tracking Leads and working Opportunities, which are ultimately passed to the Operations team for account setup. The Operations team uses SFDC to manage system setup procedures and to track user account information. SFDC serves as a consolidated repository of all user access in downstream systems, and this record is maintained manually.

SFDC has enabled CRISP to automate portions of its onboarding and Audit practices. The Onboarding process walks new users step-by-step through CRISP’s requirements for access, while the Audit page is provided to each practice to periodically verify their users on file with CRISP.

CRISP is rapidly growing and at times we need support to meet certain new challenges. Our primary purpose for this engagement is to hire developers for short term projects (2-3 weeks) based on the new requirements that might arise. In addition to that some other services that might be required are:

• Salesforce, Sales Cloud system maintenance
• Focus on reducing administrative overhead and maintenance costs associated with maintaining multiple systems on multiple platforms and enhancing reporting capabilities, accuracy and accessibility.
• Create a solution that will enable ease of communication and data sharing with external organizations as driven by business and policy needs.

Responses to this RFP should be submitted by July 19th, 2018 no later than 5 pm (EST) to Praveen.singh@