CRISP Document Repository RFP

CRISP is seeking to procure a clinical document repository and retrieval service for the purpose of storing and retrieving documents using standard ITI conventions. CRISP has a strong preference for a solution that is open-source or has clear and transparent list pricing. Further, CRISP has strong preference for a solution which fits within our existing Azure framework. The solution should have the ability to search by patient and by source and to test (ITI) calls within the service. For this RFP, we are not looking for a user interface to present CCDAs visually—we are focused on the APIs. It should also have standard logging capabilities (timestamp, requestor, patient, documents returned, success/fail) and be able to interact with CRISP’s accounting of disclosures service. Any solution introduced into the CRISP environment must conform to CRISP security policies, performance standards, and code review.

CRISP will routinely answer and post to our website questions and answers related to this procurement. Questions will be accepted via email until May 12. Please email questions and requests for clarification to Candice Titus at candice.titus@

CRISP Document Repository FAQs

  • The PDF references two (2) submission dates May 15 and May 18?
    • The final submission deadline is May 15th at 5:00 p.m. EST
  • Is Appendix A, the Requirements as Use Cases tab, in the CRISP Document Repository RFP Requirements?
    • Yes, please respond to both tabs.
  • Will the data be from multiple CRISP HIEs, i.e. CRISP, CRISP: DC, West Virginia?
    • At this time, it is for one specific use case and area. Please supply a pricing model.
  • Are you looking to create a separate data base of your existing Mirth environment?
    • This is a stand alone repository that will contain new documents.
  • Will the data be coming from more than one (1) CRISP instance of MIRTH?
    • No
  • Are there any clinical data normalization requirements?
    • No
  • How large of a Document Repository do you anticipate needing?
    • We anticipate 1 TB but would like to understand how we can expand.
  • Is this project budgeted/funded?
    • Yes
  • What are the expected transaction loads/levels for the proposed solution?
    • This is a new implementation, so we don’t have a baseline. Our best estimate is a few thousand CCD’s a month and then ramp up to 150k per week in the months/years to come.
  • Does CRISP expect any proposal to be “Software-as-a-Service” , or a solution that CRISP would operate within it’s own infrastructure?
    • CRISP has strong preference for a solution which fits within our existing Azure framework
  • Aside from the meta-data searching capability, is document content searching required?
    • It is not required but the API would need to support HIE query parameter standards.
  • Regarding the two HQMF related standards listed in the requirements under “Standards & Codes” – Is there anything outside of the ability to store and serve up the HQMF documents that we should be aware of as a requirement?

    • No. We do not require quality measures performed on documents.

Updated: May, 14, 2020