CRISP MPI Consulting Services RFP
Frequently Asked Questions

The support for our current MPI (IBM Initiate 10.x) is scheduled to expire so CRISP is seeking options for their next MPI. While IBM is one of those options, this significant an upgrade is causing CRISP to evaluate options.

CRISP’s MPI serves as the foundation for managing an individual’s data to ensure identity integrity and to accurately link the individual’s information. The MPI serves as an essential component of accurate patient identification and therefore demands active data stewardship, data governance and many collaborative processes. The role of the MPI is more critical than ever due to: increasing reliance on computerized patient information; development of health information exchange initiatives; integration of healthcare delivery systems (including the establishment of multi-hospital systems and vertical integration of hospitals, physician practices, home care agencies, long term care, and other non-acute facilities).

Responses to this RFP should be submitted by July 20th, 2018 no later than 5 pm (EST) to Praveen.singh@ Vendors should submit the proposal as one zip file containing the following documents:

1. Answers to the questions in Appendix A
2. Other supporting documents and diagrams; condensed to a single file is preferred

The maximum size for all individual files should be <15MB. Therefore, please compress screenshots or diagrams.