Patient Information on COVID-19

Scheduling Your COVID-19 Test Without A Lab Order from Your Provider

If you do not have a COVID-19 Lab Order confirmation code from your provider, click here to schedule your COVID-19 Test by following the prompts on the screen.

Scheduling Your COVID-19 Test With A Lab Order from Your Provider

Use the step by step instructions below or click here for a PDF version of the Scheduling Your COVID-19 Testing Appointment: Starter Guide

Step 1 : Booking An Appointment

Step 2: Confirming Contact Information

Step 3: Choosing A Test Site

Step 4: Selecting An Appointment Time

Step 5: Confirming An Appointment

Step 6: You will receive a booking confirmation via text and email.

Please contact the COVID-19 Scheduling Center at 866.984.4405 if you are experiencing any of the following issues:
    1. I did not receive my order confirmation code.
    2. I do not have an email address.
    3. I am having trouble scheduling my appointment.
    4. I would like to change or cancel my appointment
    5. I am having an issue not listed above.

What to Expect

These sites are for a sample collection from symptomatic patients (fevers, chills, cough, or shortness of breath) who are at high risk for complications from COVID-19 disease. Testing will be provided to individuals regardless of their ability to pay, type of health insurance, or participation in any particular provider network. Individuals must have a lab order submitted by a healthcare provider and an order confirmation code in order to schedule their COVID-19 test at a VEIP location. People who do not have symptoms or who have mild symptoms do not need to be tested and should follow home isolation guidance.

Patients Must Have:
  1. A scheduled appointment, if required by the testing site.
  2. Proof of identification:
    • Photo identification/driver’s license
    • United States passport
    • Social security card

Upon Arrival, Patients Should:
    • Keep windows up and have identification ready for appointment verification.
      Follow road signs to the intake/registration area.
    • Provide identification through the window at the first checkpoint. Intake/registration staff will verify provider order, site location, appointment time, and any special accommodation that has been requested.
    • Allow intake/registration staff to mark windshields. A requisition and label with patients’ information will be placed under the windshield wiper.
    • Remain in vehicles and follow directions towards the testing site.

NOTE: Patients who do not meet the requirements to proceed will be handed an informational packet with instructions for scheduling an appointment and asked to exit the site.

The Test

    • Please have identification ready.
    • The clinician will ask patients to roll down their window and tilt back their heads.
    • The clinician will insert a long swab (Q-tip) into the back of one of the patient’s nostrils.
    • The test is now complete.
    • The patient should roll up their window and exit the site.
    • The patient will receive a handout with further instructions.

    • Please be patient and be prepared to wait.
    • If needed, Porta potties and hand washing stations are available. Please wash your hands before and after use and immediately get back into your vehicle.