Our Mission

We will enable and support the healthcare community of Maryland and our region to appropriately and securely share data in order to facilitate care, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes.

Our Vision

To advance health and wellness by deploying health information technology solutions adopted through cooperation and collaboration.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Begin with a manageable scope and remain incremental.
  2. Create opportunities to cooperate even while participating healthcare organizations still compete in other ways.
  3. Affirm that competition and market-mechanisms spur innovation and improvement.
  4. Promote and enable consumers’ control over their own health information.
  5. Use best practices and standards.
  6. Serve our region’s entire healthcare community.

CRISP Timeline

  • 2006

    First Steps

    CRISP begins at a Spring meeting between John Erickson and the CIOs of Maryland’s three largest hospital systems, asking how to make medical records for seniors available when they visit the hospital.

    • Erikson Retirement Communities funds a part time staff position to work on a pilot project
  • 2008

    Making Progress

    CRISP Partners with MHCC to plan an HIE for Maryland, in a process which engages dozens of healthcare stakeholders.

    • The MHCC provides a $250k grant, and the Erickson Foundation contributes another $250k to expand the work
  • 2009

    Major Achievement

    CRISP finishes incorporation as a non-profit corporation, is named Maryland’s designated statewide HIE (July), is awarded a $10M HSCRC grant (August), and hires staff (September)

  • 2010

    Getting Connected

    CRISP connects first provider organizations (September) and wins $6M REC grant

  • 2011

    Utilizing Services

    Clinicians begin using the Query Portal (February) and every Maryland hospital is connected (December)

  • 2012

    New Services

    CRISP turns on ENS service (August) and Board is expanded (December)

  • 2013

    CRISP Reporting

    CRISP begins sending CRS reports (January), goes live with the MHBE Provider Directory (September), connects the first District of Columbia Hospital (November) and turns on PDMP service with MDH (December)

  • 2014

    Expanding CRISP

    Health plans begin accessing records through a special CRISP portal (March), and CRISP begins routing CCDAs at hospital discharge (June)

  • 2015

    CRISP Reporting Expands

    CRS monthly hospital reports grow from 2 to 17. Tableau reporting tool is turned on (March) HSCRC funds the ICN project for infrastructure to support care management (August)

  • 2016

    InContext Alerts

    InContext Alerts go live (May), West Virginia’s WVHIN partners with CRISP (October), and CRISP DC is formed (December)

  • 2017

    Comprehensive Medicare Data

    CRISP launches new reporting and analytics platform leveraging comprehensive, Maryland-wide Parts A, B and D Medicare claims. The launch provides timely population-level data to all hospitals and patient-level data to state policymakers and hospitals participating in Maryland’s Care Redesign programs