CRISP Patient Access

Patients may now request access to their electronic health information shared through CRISP


CRISP is now able to provide individuals access to their health information that was previously shared through our Health Information Exchange (HIE). Most individuals will be able to view or download this information using one of two methods described below. Individuals who have previously opted out of CRISP will NOT have data available to view or download as that information has been deleted in accordance with our opt out policy. For more information about opting-out or other information about CRISP, visit the CRISP For Patients webpage. 

Individuals should use caution when viewing or downloading data as it is identifiable health information. Once information has been copied from the CRISP environment by downloading, printing or ingesting into an application, it is the individual’s responsibility to protect and secure it. It is important to note that healthcare organizations share data with CRISP related only to approved use cases and as such CRISP will typically not contain an individual’s entire medical record. In addition, some organizations may ask us not to release certain information through CRISP if they believe it could cause harm.  An individual should not consider data downloaded from CRISP as a complete record and should not make health care choices based solely on this information. Individuals are encouraged to access their health information directly from the provider organization where they have received care.  

Who Can Access Their Information in CRISP?

All patients aged 18+ may have access to their information once they have appropriately validated their identity. Parents and legal guardians of children aged 0-11 may have access to their child’s information once they have appropriately validated their identity and their custodial relationship. 

 At this time, in order to comply with state and federal privacy laws, CRISP is not able to provide any information for patients aged 0-17. We encourage these patients to access their information directly from their healthcare provider. 

What Data Can Be Accessed?

All United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) elements that CRISP is permitted to share can be accessed. Available data differs for each patient but examples of information that might be available include: hospital discharge summaries, clinical notes, lab and test reports, screenings, and care coordination information. Some information available to providers through CRISP may not be available to individuals as a result of state and federal laws or due to contractual prohibitions. This includes Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data, Medicaid claims and Medicare claims information and some public health information from the Maryland Department of Health. This information can be accessed directly from the source using the links provided. 

Access Information

How Can I Access My Information?

Using A Personal Health Application

Accessing Information Directly from CRISP


What if I see a mistake in my record or my information doesn't look accurate?

What do I do if I have questions about the information I accessed?

Why can't I access all my information?

Why did I receive an error when I tried to access my information?