Encounter Notification Services (ENS)

Keeping You Connected To Your Patients CRISP offers a service which enables medical personnel to receive real-time alerts when a patient has a hospital encounter. The service is offered in partnership with participating hospitals at no cost to ambulatory providers. Customizable by practice, the CRISP ENS will send a secure email message to providers for active patients in the practice. Practices may choose which alerts are most relevant to them, such as: hospital admission, hospital discharge, or emergency room visit. Coupled with the CRISP HIE portal, participating physicians will be able to access relevant clinical documents to better coordinate care for their patients.

Benefits of Participating in ENS

  • Real-time notification of hospital visits (admissions, discharges, or ER transfers) for active patients in your practice
  • FREE to any provider affiliated with a participating hospital
  • Proactively coordinate your patients’ care and schedule any necessary follow-up treatment or visits
  • In conjunction with the CRISP Clinical Query Portal, review medical records from your patient’s hospital stay
  • Receive a summary of care, chief complaint, and discharge disposition (if sent by the hospital)
  • ENS can facilitate additional Medicare reimbursements by allowing TCM (Transitional Care Management) codes to billed – i.e., seeing your patients within 7-14 days after a discharge
  • Readmission Alerts: CRISP can let your hospital know when a patient you have recently discharged is readmitted to another hospital within 30 days. In addition, CRISP can let your registration/ triage area know when a patient who has just registered is 30-day readmission from any other hospital


ENS notifications are delivered securely to providers via DIRECT email messaging. For more information and to sign up for CRISP Encounter Notification Service (ENS) call 1.877.95. 27477 or email  support@crisphealth.org.


Proactive Management of Patient Transitions

ENS PROMPT is a secure, web-based tool to help your organization better manage your notifications.


  • Encounter alerts stream continuously in real-time
  • FREE to all users with no user limit on organizations
  • Advanced, custom filter options, with the ability to save custom filters for easy reuse
  • Download alert data in spreadsheet format
  • View data spanning the past 30 days
  • Search patients by name or MRN
  • Manage notifications by status – use ENS PROMPT’s real-time tracking feature to mark patients ‘Complete’ and streamline workflow
  • View patients’ readmission count
  • View patient’s across multiple patient panels

ENS SmartAlerts

CRISP can now provide real-time ENS alerts that notify a patient’s care team when their high-risk patients have hospital encounters for specific conditions (e.g. COVID-19, CHF, Asthma), procedures (e.g. Mammography, Joint Replacement) or key lab tests resulted (e.g. COVID-19, Pregnancy, Pre-Diabetes).

The alerts leverage CPT, ICD10 and LOINC coding standards to identify specific healthcare events and alert the patient’s care team for improved care coordination, reduced readmissions, and a better patient experience.

CRISP alerts are delivered within a provider’s workflow and are highly configurable, so users receive actionable data. Contact your CRISP Account Representative or support@crisphealth.org today to learn more.

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